Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Types of Wood

Different Types of Wood 

When we talk about home decor, the first thing that usually strikes our mind is home furniture, specially wooden furniture. Not only home but also these stylish and classy wood furniture adds several beauty to the looks of office space. Different types of wood are used by wood furniture manufacturers in making wooden items and furniture. The quality and durability depend upon the types of wood used.

Different types of woods are used in crafting different kind of furniture, like the wood required to make wooden beds and outdoor furniture should be strong and durable. While decorative items, wooden frames etc are made of comparatively less durable and soft woods. So depending upon the usage types of wood can be classified into two prime categories:
I) Softwood

I)Softwood: Below is the list of different types of softwoods and their usage:

a) Pine: Used to craft doors, furniture, boxes, house construction and paneling.
b) Redwood: Used to craft house siding, outdoor furniture, paneling and interior finishing.
c) Fir: Used to craft doors, windows, frames, furniture, plywood etc.
d) Spruce: Used to craft masts and spars of aircrafts, ships, boxes, crates, ladders etc.

II)Hardwood: Below is the list of different types of hardwoods and their usage:

a) Mohogany: Used in boat construction, to make wooden cabinets and quality furniture.
b) Walnut: Used in making gunstocks, durable and solid furniture, wall paneling etc.
c) Maple: Widely used in flooring, crafting quality furniture and woodenware.
d) Rosewood: Used to craft musical instruments, tool-handles, cases of pianos and art projects etc.

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