Friday, 11 May 2012

White Wooden Wardrobe Designs

A wardrobe really adds many feather to the style and charm of home and gives an elegant look to your bedroom as well. Above all white wooden wardrobe adds several moon to the beauty of your home and bedroom. These white wooden wardrobe gives a refreshing and spacious looks to the room. Although the best place to place white wooden wardrobe is the bedroom yet it add a sense of style and presence to any room or part of your home.

Different types of wood are used to make these white wooden wardrobe, but pine and oak woods are mostly used to craft these wardrobe. Once the wooden wardrobe is made, then above that coating of pearl white gloss with pearl white paint is done.

Now a days there are lot many white wooden wardrobe designs are available in the market, like French white wooden wardrobe, carved and ornate designs of white wooden wardrobe. While choosing your favorite wardrobe amongst these wardrobe designs you should keep your interior decor style in mind.


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  2. Are you selling the one above?