Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wooden Wardrobe

A wooden wardrobe or a wardrobe closet is the second most priority after bed. In fact now a days the wooden wardrobe not only used for storage purpose but also is an essential part of home decor furniture. Wood Wardrobes are made of many other materials like steel, iron etc but the wardrobe made of wood has its own charm and class. All we can conclude that, modern wooden wardrobe is a representation of beauty ans style.

Now a days there a number of stylish and classy wardrobe designs are available in the market. Generally while purchasing wood wardrobes people prefer two things – a good design with durability. The durability and strength of a wooden wardrobe depends upon the types of wood used by the wardrobe furniture manufacturers. The wardrobes made of oak wood are considered to be the most durable of all, hence these wardrobe closet are the first choice of customers who want a durable wardrobe for their home. Types of Wooden Wardrobe: Wood wardrobes can be classified into to main types:

1) Fitted Wardrobes: Fitted wardrobes are also known as “built in wall” and these are mostly preferred by the people as occupy less space and can be fitted in even sloppy or uneven walls. These fitted wardrobes are to be fixed in angles by expert only to get its perfect look.

2) Free Standing Wardrobe: These kind of wardrobe closets are preferred by the people because of its variety of styles, designs and mobility factor. Apart these are also available in the market for all kind of budget customers.

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