Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wood Properties

Primarily woods can be classified into two parts – hardwood and softwood. Further these hardwood and softwood are of various types, hence depending upon the types of wood let's know about the properties of wood and wood material.

a) Maple Wood Properties: Find below the properties of maple wood: Botanical Name: Acer saccharum
Color: Cream, light reddish brown
Features: Hard, stiff, strong with uniform texture, in which birds eye figure, leaf figure and burls designs can be seen.
Uses: In crafting wood furniture, musical instruments, cabinets, flooring and decorative wooden items.

b) Walnut Wood Properties: Find below the properties of walnut wood: Botanical Name: Juglans Nigra  
Color: Dark brown, purplish brown and light gray brown  
Features: Very hard, heavy, strong and stable that easily mixes with other woods and material.
Uses: In crafting furniture, doors, gun-stocks, novelties, flooring and architectural wood work.

c) Pine Wood Properties: Find below the properties of pine wood: Botanical Name: Pinus strobus  
Color: Pale yellow and white
Features: Softwood, light weight, straight grained texture and shrink resistant.
Uses: In crafting country or provincial furniture.

d) Rosewood Properties: Find below the properties of rosewood:  
Botanical Name: Dalbergia latfilia  
Color: Red and purple brown
Features: Softwood, heavy, dense, with uniform moderately coarse texture, resistant to sunlight, insects and deterioration due to moisture.  
Uses: In crafting decorative and ornamental furniture, boat, musical instrument, brush backs, flooring.

e)Willow Wood Properties:
Find below the properties of willow wood: Botanical Name: Salix
Color: Grayish brown and pale reddish brown 
Features: Softwood, light and weak with straight grained uniform texture, shock resistant, steam bending.  
Uses: In crafting cheaper and inexpensive furniture, cricket bats, polo balls, caskets, packing boxes.


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